Easy to use

BlindSides™ are extremely easy to use – they simply hook over the top of the existing roller blinds or curtain pole with no need to stick, glue, pin or nail anything to the window frame or your window coverings.

The easy to use height adjustment means they can be made to fit the exact height of your window .

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Because BlindSides™ don’t involve making any changes to the window frames or existing blinds and curtains, they are portable and can easily be moved to different windows within your home. And when you go on holiday or visit grandparents they can be rolled up and taken with you. You can use BlindSides™ wherever they are needed safe in the knowledge that no damage will be caused when they are taken down.

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The mechanism of roller blinds in particular does not allow blackout fabric to stretch right to the edges of a window frame. Similarly, curtains often hang slightly away from the window frame. Consequently, light creeps in down the sides. BlindSides™ bridge these gaps, thereby eliminating the light. The flexible top strip can be molded to make the BlindSides™ flush to the wall and the integrated weights keep the BlindSides™ taut and in place thus ensuring maximum effectiveness.

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