I came up with BlindSides because after having bought blackout blinds for my children’s bedrooms I was really disappointed that they still let in light down either side.

I searched for something to cover this gap at either side of the window. After not being able to find anything I decided to make something myself. I soon realised that what I had made could actually be a product of real use to other people – parents who want to ensure their childrens’ rooms are as dark as possible or in fact anyone who likes to sleep in a properly dark room…. and so BlindSides™ were conceived.

BlindSides™ come in pairs, one for each side of the window. They hook over the top of the roller blind or curtain and bridge the gap between the edge of the blackout blinds or curtain and the wall or window frame, blocking out the sliver of light that gets through. The length of the BlindSides™ is easily adjustable so they can fit your windows exactly. A flexible top strip can be molded to make the BlindSides™ flush to the wall and they have a weight at the bottom to ensure they stay in place.

BlindSides™ can be used with curtains or roller blinds and are portable so can be taken with the user to other locations, for example on holiday. I hope that our simple product will help add much needed extra sleep to both your and your children’s lives.

Please do let us know if you have any questions or comments about our product.