5 extreme lengths parents go to to make kids’ bedrooms dark

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

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Most of us have been there…it’s 7pm but it’s still light so the kids won’t accept that it’s bedtime. Or it’s 5am and the sun is already shining so they think it’s time to get up. We then have a brainwave and decide to have blackout blinds installed to trick our little darlings into believing that because it’s dark in their bedrooms it must be sleep time. But when the blinds are installed we often discover that “blackout” refers to the material that the blinds are made from, not the effect on the room. At this point, the panic sets in and we rack our brains to think how we can block out the light that comes in down the sides of the blinds.

We’ve done some research and in our desperation it seems we go to some pretty extreme lengths parents go to to make kids’ bedrooms dark. Here are five of our favourites:

  1. Hanging towels and/or duvets up at sides of the window
  2. Wedging pillows up against the edges of the blinds
  3. Taping black bin bags to the windows
  4. Attaching door draft excluders up the sides of the window frame
  5. Sticking cardboard boxes to the window

 If all else fails…

And if all else fails, some parents say they have been tempted to paint the window black or even brick it up!

Now is probably a good time to remind you about BlindSides™ so you don’t have to go to all of this hassle and even better – they are easy to put up and take down so you can still let the daylight in when you actually want it and open the windows on a hot day.

What unlikely measures have you taken to ensure your childrens’ room are completely dark? We’d love to hear from you.

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