A new use for BlindSides™ – maintaining privacy

Monday, January 18th, 2016

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When I first invented BlindSides™ it was for the purpose of blocking out the light that usually manages to creep in down the sides of roller blinds and curtains, even if they are blackout. But I am delighted that a recent customer bought BlindSides™ not because she needed a light blocker but for privacy. She was concerned that people could look into her bedroom because there was a small gap between the two blinds she has covering her windows.

Our new customer was also looking for a solution which would be much cheaper than buying new blinds or curtains. BlindSides™ was the only product she could find to do the job and I’m pleased to report that she has easily installed them and is thrilled with the results.

Katherine from Texas, USA, said:

“I wanted to let you know I got the light blocker and it’s perfect. Thank you! I live alone and my bedroom blinds had a gap that meant someone could see in from outside. I looked for a not too expensive way to block it. Your product works! Thank you. I feel much more secure now.”

Oh and did I mention she lives in the United States? So not only is this a new use for BlindSides™ but also our first international sale 🙂