Holiday sleep tips for families

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

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Summer is coming and most of can’t wait to get away. Those who are less keen have probably just got their little ones sleeping well at night and are loathe to change anything. But we all need a break, whether it’s to some far flung beach or a trip up the motorway to visit grandparents.

The idea of going away doesn’t have to fill us with dread – thought totally understandable given all the hard work it can take to get little ones sleeping well. Fortunately there are some things we can do to that can help maintain good sleep habits even when you’re away from home.

Holiday sleep tips for families

  1. First and foremost as much as possible stick to the same routine you follow at home when you’re on holiday – particularly at bedtime but also for naps if you can.
  2. If you’re abroad and the time difference isn’t too great and it’s convenient you may even want to stay on UK time.
  3. Spend a little bit of time with your child in the room they’ll be sleeping in before bed time so it’s familiar to them at bedtime.
  4. Also try to keep the sleeping environment as similar to home as you can – if your little one is usually sleeps in a cot in a dark room don’t expect that they’ll sleep so well in your bed with light streaming in for example. I usually go armed with everything I might need to block out the light including bin liners and tape!
  5. If your child usually sleeps in a sleeping bag don’t forget them, but you may need a lighter tog if you’re going somewhere hot.
  6. Something from home that smells familiar, maybe a sheet washed in your usual detergent can help children settle in an unfamiliar environment.
  7. Some children like a small light on at night, don’t assume your holiday accommodation will have something dim enough so if you need one consider taking one with you, perhaps the ones that are like enlarged plugs.
  8. And don’t forget dummies and any soft toys/blankets etc. that provide comfort, as well as anything else you might need such as milk cups and bedtime story books.


Have a great trip!