“Morning Time”

Monday, April 27th, 2015

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My eldest son recently turned four and totally gets that sometimes it is light before it is “morning time” and happily stays in his bedroom until the sun comes up on his Groclock. This lulled me into thinking that he no longer needed a completely dark room to make sure he didn’t wake up prematurely. How wrong I was! Although he wasn’t bounding into our room at 5am there was no mistaking that he was awake given the volume of the singing coming down the stairs.

If he really had had enough sleep by 5am that’s one thing, but the dark circles under his eyes told a different story. As did the requests to go to bed at 6pm. When do four year olds ever ask to go to bed?

After about a week it dawned on me (excuse the pun) that he was waking early because the mornings were getting lighter earlier and I hadn’t put up the BlindSides to stop the light creeping in down the sides of the blinds. That night I put them up. And at 5am the next morning, I assume there was silence – I was still fast asleep. In fact, he slept until 8.30am making up for all those early mornings.