Plenty of sleep is vital for an effective detox

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

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With all the presents now opened, crackers pulled and decorations packed away, the only remnants of Christmas left for many of us are the extra pounds we’ve gained and the slightly guilty feelings of over indulgence. January is therefore a natural time for many of us to at least think about detoxing.

Detoxing usually means no alcohol and a strict diet with no processed foods and other ingredients such as refined sugar eliminated. What we don’t always appreciate is the value of sleep in the detox process.

Most experts agree that people detoxing need to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep a night (actually ,this is the ideal all of the time), though frustratingly, some of us find it harder to sleep as the body releases toxins, meaning a regular bedtime routine is more important than ever.

Plenty of sleep is vital for an effective detox

Plenty of sleep is key, particularly during a detox, because this is the time when the body processes toxins and replenishes energy to our organs. Not to mention that the body needs rest to heal and rejuvenate itself naturally.

The benefits of getting enough sleep (and not just when detoxing) are two-fold. Not only does sufficient sleep aid the detox process, a lack of sleep can also bring its own challenges. When we’re tired we are more likely to crave the exact things we’re trying to eliminate during a detox – high sugar foods and carbohydrates. And we’re also less likely to have the willpower to resist the temptation when we’re lacking energy.

If detoxing does make you feel tired and grumpy this can be a sign that your body needs even more sleep. If you can, experts advise to take this extra rest so that your body can focus on eliminating toxins and replenishing itself and you can reap the maximum benefits of a detox.

Good luck!

p.s. you can read a little more here about the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep from The Detox Bible.