Shift work and sleep – the darker the better

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

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As I spread the word about BlindSide™s I am repeatedly reminded that it is not just children (and their parents!) who can benefit from sleeping in a pitch black room. When I think about it, shift work and sleep is an obvious challenge. There are more than 3.5million shift workers in the UK, and of course most find it easier to sleep during the day if there is no daylight coming into their bedroom.

Shift work and sleep problems

According to the Health and Safety Executive, shift workers suffer from disruptions to their internal body clock, fatigue and difficulty sleeping. Consequently, performance can be affected, possibly increasing the chance of mistakes and accidents at work and may affect their health.

By ensuring they are able to sleep in a dark room, those working shifts are helping to improve their chances of good quality sleep. This delivers a host of benefits not least better health and wellbeing for the individual and a reduced risk of accidents. At the same time, employers also gain from a more productive and efficient workforce.

While many of those working at night and sleeping in the day will have invested in blackout blinds and curtains, the pesky daylight can often creep in around the sides, this is where BlindSides™ can help. I’m only sorry there’s nothing we can do to guarantee silence!